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Mrs. Velasquez's 8th Grade ELA

Hello Students, Parents, and Guardians, 
Welcome back to school!  My name is Lisa Velasquez, and I'm excited to be your 8th grade English Language Arts (ELA) teacher this year.
Although we are beginning the school year with distance learning, and this is a new experience for us all, I promise to do my best to make it as smooth a process as possible. I also promise that the curriculum will be just as rigorous during online learning as it will be when we return to campus.
In Eighth Grade ELA, my job is to finish preparing my students for the expectations and responsibilities of high school and beyond. To that end, I will teach my students the importance of personal accountability and organizational skills in addition to the eighth grade ELA standards. For more detailed information about this course, please read my syllabus linked on this site. 
I expect there to be some stumbles along the way, but I believe those stumbles will provide students with valuable learning experiences within the safety net of middle school. There is no doubt that this school year will be a memorable one for many reasons. However, I trust that we will look back and say that it was the best school year ever because we all worked together, were flexible, creative, and patient!
Thank you for trusting me with your children!
Mrs. Velasquez
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Mrs. Lisa Velasquez
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