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Welcome 6th Grade Students!

Hello Students & Parents, 
My name is Mr. Martel and I will be your 6th grade Core (English and History) and PE Teacher for this 2020-2021 school year. 
Core Syllabus:
1.  6th Grade Core based upon California Language Arts and Social Studies Common Core Standards.
2.  There is class work and homework daily (2 hours daily in class instruction and 20-30 minutes homework for      English and History each).
3.  Language Arts will include reading, writing, and grammar assignments.
4.  History will be primarily based upon readings and assignments from the textbook and lesson quizzes (one lesson per week roughly).
5.  Homework assignments will be written down in the Tracker daily on the day they are due.  They should be written in pencil and then checked off when completed.
6.  Parents are encouraged to look over their child's Tracker once or twice a week.
7.  Complete heading is required on all work.
8.  Students should have a two inch binder with eight labeled dividers to keep their work in.  Students also need a good supply of binder paper, pencils, pens (red and black), and highlighters.
9.  Scissors, glue stick, ruler, and color pencils are recommended for projects.
10.  Students need to charge their chromebook daily, preferably at night so it is fully charged for school.
11.  Students should be up by 7:00, dressed and breakfasted before school begins at 8:00 AM.
12  During class, students must have camera on, no hoods, hats, or gum, and they need to ask permission if they need to use the bathroom.  Students will lose participation points if they do not keep their camera on during class time.
13.  Grades are based on completion of assignments, quality of work, quiz and test scores, behavior and effort.  Most assignments are worth 100 points each.
14.  Students and parents can see grades in Aeries.  Students and parents are encouraged to check grades at least weekly.  All missing assignments are shown in red and need to be completed.
15.  If you have any questions, please contact me at school by phone (443-3300) or email  Thank you for all your help!
Class Schedule:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday regular five period schedule.  Wednesday only Homeroom.
Bell Schedule:
Homeroom 8:00-8:20 AM--Homeroom--Martel 403
Period 1  8:20-9:09--Language Arts--Martel 403
Period 2  9:12-10:01--Social Studies--Martel 403
Period 3  10:04-10:53--Science--Rebelo 304
Break  10:53-11:06
Period 4  11:06-1155--Math--Alisea 505
Period 5  11:58-12:47--PE--Stockdale 204
Teacher Office Hours  1:30-3:00
How to Enter a Class:
1.  Open a new tab.
2.  Go to the waffle (9 dots upper right of screen).
3.  Choose "Meet" (video camera).
4.  Choose "Join a Class".
5.  Type teacher name and room number (EX: Martel 403).
How to Log Into Literature Text (MyHRW Student Login):
1.  Go to SRUSD Bookmarks.
2.  Scroll down to MyHRW Student login.
3.  Choose Student textbook (yellow book).
4.  Choose Contents (3 bars).
5.  Choose Collection.
6.  Choose Story (Click speaker to have it read allowed).
How to Log Into History Text (TCI Student Login):
1.  Go to Clever.
2.  Find TCI Student Login.
3.  Choose Lesson.
4.  Choose speaker to have it read to you.
5.  All work is automatically saved as you type it in TCI.